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From existing residential and commercial properties to ground-up development and construction management, Canal Five specializes in investments, financing, acquisition and full scope project and property management.


Our renovations and builds have been known to revitalize and redefine urban landscapes. We work with city planning departments, investors and developers both local and international to make collective visions come to life.

LIC#: 2115550-DCWP. LIC#: WC-36825-H23.

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What We Do

Expertise at Every Stage

Canal Five offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at guiding clients through the complex and multifaceted process of bringing real estate projects to fruition. We partner with developers, investors, and property owners to maximize returns and mitigate risks.


Through market research and analysis, we conduct in-depth studies to identify promising opportunities and market trends, helping our clients make informed decisions about where and what type of real estate to invest in. This involves assessing the demand for specific property types, demographic and economic factors, and competition in the target market.


We also provide project feasibility studies. This involves evaluating the financial viability of a proposed development, taking into account factors like construction costs, potential revenue streams, and anticipated returns on investment. These studies help you determine whether a project is worth pursuing and can provide valuable insights into potential challenges and opportunities.


Assisting with project management and oversight helps clients navigate the complexities of permitting, zoning, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that projects progress smoothly and within legal boundaries. With guidance on design and construction, we help you select and manage contractors, architects, and other professionals essential to the development process.


Our wide range of services encompass market analysis, project feasibility assessment, and project management, helping you make informed investment decisions, navigate the intricacies of the development process, and ultimately achieve successful real estate ventures.

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``Transforming a hospital's physical spaces is not easy, to say the least. Doing so without suspending operations adds another layer of complexity. Jeremy and the Canal Five team navigated our unique challenges with unmatched calm and foresight, helping us pursue LEED certification in the process. The NY hospital family and our patients thank you for your thoughtful guidance.``

Gabriel M., Medical Architecture Senior Principal

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